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This will be a series of posts. Stuff I follow and would love to recommend.

I am an avid user of RSS feeds. That’s how I get most of my reading material. (Not a fan of FB/Insta/Twitter. Though I am reluctantly a member of all three.)

What’s a RSS feed? It’s an old piece of web tech which lets you follow websites, blogs or podcasts in your choice of app (called RSS readers or feed reader). You get full texts or summaries when new content is posted and can easily see what you have read and what you have not. Imagine an FB feed without FB and FB’s “filtering”.

I use an app called Reeder (Mac/iOS). It’s a paid app and worth every penny. I have been using it for years and highly recommend it.

For Windows or really anywhere, if you are starting out, I suggest Feedly. It’s very easy to use and has a website as well as apps for iOS and Android.

Start with the first one here.

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